Watch: Three took the pheras at this lovely wedding and it's awwww-dorable!

Mansi's Golden retriever Sultan not only attended the wedding but also took the pheras with her and the groom.

For those who own dogs, they are no less than family members and would you ever miss out on inviting your most adored family member to your wedding? None of us would and neither did Mansi when she decided to get married. Marriages are made in heaven and who better to celebrate the union of two souls other than our pooches who love us selflessly.

In this video shared by the folks at a Facebook page named ‘CollarFolk’, Sultan can be seen taking the pheras along with the bride and the groom. Now, it’s not everyday that you see three people involved in the pheras. The post speaks fondly of Sultan,

“Sultan was as excited as Mansi for the big day. Dressed in his fabulous maroon shervani, he was ready to walk this beautiful Indian bride down the aisle.

What no one knew is that he was in no mood to give the bride away and much to the surprise and delight of the family, he decided to take pheras with the bride and the groom! Now that’s one smart dog!!!

#PetsIncluded #TakeMeAlong

#Pets #Dogs #IndianWedding”

Just in case you thought, Mansi’s pooch wreaked havoc and ran around ruining the decorations, this video will pleasantly surprise you. Very smartly, Sultan followed the bride’s footsteps and took the pheras with the couple getting married. The bride and others present at the wedding are having the time of their loves watching him take the pheras and it’s safe to say Sultan stole the limelight at this event.

We’re wondering if  that means he too got married to the two. It’d be lovely if he did though!