Watch: This weather reporter's massive yawn was caught on camera and she handled it like a boss

Every reporter should be granted their personal quota of bloopers, after all!

Recently Australian news reporter Natasha Exelby was caught day-dreaming on live television. The reporter cum news anchor was caught totally spaced out when the camera turned to her after a pre-recording package. Now, we all know how tedious a news anchor or reporter’s job can get at times since it primarily involves working odd hours for inhumanely long periods of time. In a brand-new addition to this very human yet infamous club is this weather reporter from Kansas.

Deedee Sun was reporting on the weather conditions while meteorologist Ross Jansen spoke to everyone from the studio. Deedee was probably meant to go on air a few seconds later and took that opportunity to catch a yawn, but as luck would have it the camera caught her yawn and put it on air instead. Happens, happens, could have been any of us out there instead of Deedee honestly.

In what could be called one of the most graceful cover-ups though, both Ross and Deedee pitched in to carry on with the show and made this blooper seem like nothing even happened. When she is back on the task, Deedee starts off with how calm it is and that chances are most of us would have seen her in that big yawn.

All over social media, people were up in praise for how Deedee went on with her job and was also sporting enough to put this blooper up for everyone to see. In a repetition of how Natasha’s blooper received support, Deedee’s colleague too admitted to having been in the same situation.