Watch: This Urvashi remix slamming patriarchy is breaking the internet as well as the glass ceiling

Nobody could think of a better remix for the A.R. Rahman classic Urvashi than these women did!

‘Urvashi’ has been one of the most popular dance numbers ever what with Prabhu Deva’s dancing skills and A.R. Rahman’s music at play. The song has now received a remix but it’s not on the lines of an again/reboot/fir se. This new version takes down patriarchy like a boss and has gone crazy viral already.

Starring Anika Verma’s brilliant voice and Savita Pal’s moves the song goes on to tell girls how all the patriarchy and rules associated is nothing but bullshit. From how alcohol and chowmein causes rape to body-shaming, the song lyrics take all of that into its ambit. Uploaded on Breakthrough India’s Facebook page, the video caption says,

“22 years after it was released, we decided to work on it again to reflect the realities of women. There is just one message that we wish to convey with this video… Girl, you’re awesome. There will be those who will want to keep you subdued. But remember, that it’s all bullshit. #FeministRemix #Urvashi”


The ‘feminist remix’ of the classic, as the page calls it this song seeks to inspire women to break the glass ceiling and pay no heed to the absolute nonsense patriarchy dishes out to them. We’ve spent enough time proving to the world how women are no less than men and this video with its feet-tapping beats and awesome dancing has found a brilliant way to draw people’s attention towards how patriarchy needs to be slammed.

The ones in the video are sure having the time of their lives. Apart from the ones mentioned above, the credit for this video is shared by  Shobha SV, Shashwata Nova, Saumya Agarwal, Piyush Garud, Himel Sarkar and Saurabh aka Sau R Abh. Watch the video and have fun getting rid of all the patriarchal nonsense that attempts to cage any of you ladies out there!