Watch: This swimming pool hangs 500 feet above the ground. Would you dare to dive in?

This is not in an adventure park but in a new apartment building in Houston.

What would a video need to be about to give you goosebumps in just about half a minute? Worry not, this is not a quiz we are playing and in answer to that question yes a video like that does exist. It’s been taken in Houston. Wait for it.

So, this apartment complex in Houston has hit viral space with a video of a swimming pool which hangs 500 feet high in the air. Yes, you heard that and it literally does hang going ahead of the building. The complex is named Market Square Towers and among other amenities there is this pool they offer.

The video of a person’s feet inside the pool was put up on their Facebook page and has gotten itself over 2 million views since being uploaded. Their caption on Facebook says, “Market Square Tower offers a living experience like nothing Houston has ever seen before. Come live the tower life.” Yes, well, those who are brave enough, please go ahead.

The pool which extends 10 feet beyond the building has been floored with shatterproof glass but believe us when we say it that this is not for the faint-hearted. There is a more boring pool too in the building for those who are not daring enough to swim close to the skyline. But we did tell you this video will make your heart skip a beat in 30 seconds. You did not believe us, did you?