Watch: This Huma Qureshi-Gauhar Khan short film is an unconventional take on two women in love with the same man

Cooking up a revenge drama or catfight in your head? You probably missed 'unconventional' in the headline.

Huma Qureshi-Gauhar Khan starrer short film named ‘Ek Dopahar’ is a breath of fresh air for almost anyone who has had enough of the run-of-the-mill daily soaps and Bollywood movies. If you expect two women to always be at each others’ necks over a common love interest, allow this brilliant take on the topic to change your viewpoint.

Raina played by Huma Qureshi and Shubha played by Gauhar Khan are both in love with Vidhu, and the movie revolves around how things go when the two women meet up one fine afternoon. Our brains are so wired to expect a revenge drama coming up in such a situation that the turn of events in the movie plot has everyone taken aback.

The movie opens with a very relatable Raina waking up to her sister’s phone call and making her way through a very messy house. The events thats follow go on to show us how love and friendship can be both complicated and simple at the same time. Or maybe its all so complicated because we complicate things.

‘Ek Dopahar’ uploaded by Shubham Sharma narrates to the audience how both of these women deal with the lemons life throws them in their love story. Contrary to popular belief, they help each other through the heartbreaking sequence of events sans revenge and cat fights. Surprised, much?

This brilliant short film has been nominated for the Jio Filmfare Short Films Awards and has an open-ended closing shot which leaves everyone wondering what it might signify. Before we give out more details, watch the film for yourself and tell us what you make of the ending.