Watch: This comedian thinks Indians can't give it back when insulted and will make you nod in agreement

We Indians could really use some of our abundant creativity when it comes to comebacks.

Ever though how Indians fare when it comes to taking insults and throwing comebacks? If the patriot within you is suddenly provoked at this joke, let stand-up comedian Abhishek Upmanyu reveal to you what he thinks in this hilarious act.

In this stand-up at Canvas Laugh Club Upmanyu starts off with how we Indians are in fact brilliant at several things but when it comes to comebacks we are barely creative. Isn’t it true after all that most of our comebacks are actually just a repetition of the insult thrown at us only at a higher volume?

The video gets even more hilarious when he brings parent-kids conversations into it, because generation gap indeed does form the basis of more than half of our comic entertainment. We can all relate to how parents deal with kids’ propositions by repeating what is said in a sarcastic tone and sometimes do manage to throw us completely off balance. For the comparatively unoffended among us, this video with its slightly explicit language is no doubt one of the best stand-ups so far.

Abhishek’s is not a stand-up that ends without a message though and he makes a strong point when he presents a sharp contrast between his mom’s dismissal of homosexuality and her belief in ghosts instead. Not to say that ghosts do not exist, maybe they do, but homosexuality surely does.

Without further ado, let this laugh-riot of a stand-up on how we Indians have a long way to go when it comes to comebacks give you your daily laughter dose!