Watch: This Coca-Cola ad about happiness in diversity played at Super Bowl and invited the #BoycottCoke trend

Super Bowl ads seem to be receiving considerable amount of flak for 'political undertones' this time round.

This Super Bowl has been in news for everything from its ads to Lady Gaga. It has now come down to a Coca-Cola ad that was played right before the kick-off. The advertisement was created in August 2016 and celebrates diversity along with how ‘America is Beautiful’. On the face of it, this seems like a usual, warm ad full of love but it’s made people see red and invited the #BoycottCoke trend.

Consumers have complained about how Coke ads are getting increasingly political. Their ‘America the Beautiful’ ad has been accused of political undertones and people have labelled it divisive. The ad is set to a multilingual background score and simply shows happy people doing happy things all over the world. Putting into place the whole happy world concept and how everyone is united in diversity, the ad was apparently enough to miff quite a few among the Twitteratti.

In their YouTube description right below the ad Coca-Cola writes, “We believe that America is beautiful and Coca-Cola is for everyone. Let’s celebrate the moments among all Americans that promote optimism, inclusion, and humanity — values that bring us closer together.” And that’s precisely what the ad does. Celebrates the spirit of togetherness. The soft drink giant seemed quite chill in reaction to all this.

The advert has been recycled from a 2014 campaign and is not the first to have incited public resentment. Budweiser’s ad focusing on their immigrant founder and an Audi commercial demanding equal pay for women have also faced flak. Here’s angry Twitterati for you, angry at we do not know what though. Some also defended Coke though and made it clear the ad was beautiful and encompassed all that America is.

America has also gone on to boycott Starbucks and it remains to be seen how much more boycotting they plan to take up. Seems like such reactions to ads is an underlying theme of the Super Bowl this time round.