Watch: This adorable girl stole Pope Francis' hat and the video is going crazy viral

Trust Pope Francis to laugh even when his hat gets stolen.

Pope Francis, a.k.a Papa Francisco, has been the object of people’s affection ever since he came into office. From his clothes flying in weird directions to his demeanour attracting memes of all sorts, Francis has to be the most loved an popular Pope of all time. The adorable man has occupied viral space again and this time for an even more adorable reason.

Twitter user Mountain Butorac put out a video of his god-daughter and the Pope which soon went viral. While the Pope has earlier gotten popular for washing the feet of refugees and dining with the homeless aside of having auctioned off his Harley Davidson before taking office, this time it was this little girl who grabbed the limelight.

Butorac took her to meet Pope Francis and she felt free to take away his hat the second she got close enough and the Pope can be seen laughing at the incident in the video. Understandably, right? Yes, we know. What came as unexpected was the fact that this adorable video received over 13k retweets and went crazy viral in no time.

With the Pope being the way he is, it is no surprise that he loved this girl and so did the crowd to be honest. Check this video out and tell us what you think.