Watch: This Women's Day special ad reminds us why every mother deserves a break

Renuka Shahane is here to tell us that it's completely alright for a fifty-year old to embark on a Goa trip with her girl-gang and be guilt-free about it/.

Every single day in a woman’s life, be it a working mother, a young professional or just a housewife goes by with her putting others before herself. More often than not, a woman does not flinch before compromising her own happiness and fun for the sake of her family and her loved ones. Aren’t each one of us guilty of having stopped our mother from going on a trip with her friends simply because who will handle the household if she goes out? Unfortunately, most of us are and Renuka Shahane is here to give us our much deserved guilt-trip.

This is exactly the mindset Reliance Fresh’s new women’s day ad starring Renuka Shahane is trying to change. After all, if a woman waits all her life for things to settle down before she lives her life, when will she actually live it? With he hashtag ‘Jee Le Zaraa’, this ad starring Renuka Shahane shows what goes down when a fifty year old lady decides to go on a trip to Goa with her girl-gang.

Her husband puts up all kinds of arguments right from ‘what if you fall of the scooty?’ to complaining to their kids on phone saying ‘yahin toh umar hai tumhaari Maa ki beach pe bikini mei ghoomne ki’. When nothing else works, he takes to sulking. In an all too familiar scenario, Reliance Fresh jolts us into accepting that we have all been a party to taking undue advantage of a woman’s selfless service to her family.

This International Women’s Day let this ad change the way you think. Because, your mother or the fifty year old friend’s aunt too has a right to live her life.