Watch: This ad starring Middle Eastern athletes is calling for the change the world desperately needs

Taking forward their legacy of breaking stereotypes, Nike features middle eastern athletes in their new ad and we are loving it.

From talking about discrimination on the field to bringing female athletes to the forefront, Nike has often had ads that rebel against the negatives in society. Not very long back, the sports brand came into the limelight with their ‘Da Da Ding’ commercial that starred several women athletes. In their brand new ad which adds onto their stereotype breaking record, they’ve recorded in Arabic and feature athletes from the Middle East. Now isn’t that advertising done, right?

Women from the Middle East have gone on to participate in the Olympics and have demanded their right to secure a driving license. Over the past few years, middle eastern women have had to fight several taboos and pushed themselves forward in their fields of choice. Saudi Arabian princess Deena Abdulaziz Al-Saud hit headlines for her fashion line and brilliant outfits sans a hijab or a burqa. Another princess Ameerah-al Tawal too runs her own business line and broke the norm by choosing to not wear the hijab.

In spite of several efforts, women in the Middle East are still caught in the midst of several taboos which makes it difficult for them to get out onto the field and go on to become succesful sportpersons. This new commercial concentrates on how not just religious taboos but also stares from every single person serve to demotivate trying their best to make a place for themselves in their sport of choice. Here is another very recent ad from Nike that looks to challenge racism and talks of how its unfair to hold back talented athletes simply on the basis of colour or looks.

In their commitment towards breaking stereotypes of all types, Nike has once again spoken of a change we are all looking forward to. Watch this ad and let it change your opinion on Middle Eastern women forever.