Watch: This 82-year-old Japanese lady is a chef by the morning and DJ by the night. Inspired yet?

Welcome the coolest DJ in town everyone. It's never too late to multitask.

Got a passion but not pursuing it because you think you’re too old to start off? Or maybe because your job is so demanding, passion takes a backseat? Most of us may belong to either or both of these categories, but that’s not true for everyone.

Here’s presenting to you 82-year-old Sumiko from Japan who is a dumpling-maker by day and DJ by night, taking over a red-light district once every month. Sumiko began working with her passion of ‘spinning tables’ when she was 70, so all of those using age as an excuse to not pursue what you love doing, please shut up and take a look at this amazing human specimen. On the kind of music she uses, the multi-talented lady says she does not stick to the typical techno music and instead throws in a bit of jazz and classical sometimes to mix things up.

Think that might not work? Well let the youngsters flocking to her parties tell you why that is far from the truth. Sumiko also runs a restaurant along with her brother, but never allows any chance to entertain people to go waste. The fiesty DJ and chef in this Al-Jazeera video is winning hearts for all the right reasons

The video’s got 9.5 millions views and counting, might just be counting for a very very long while to come. Watch this 82-year-old lady spin the tables and make people take to the dance floor. For those of you stuck in a job that is a thousand miles away from your passion, do you still need more inspiration to go follow your dreams?