Watch: Think the way Delhiites talk isn't a work of art? Let this comedian prove you wrong

When it's Delhiites you are talking to, it's all about 'bhaavnaaon ko samjho'.

Delhiites have a way with words, don’t they? They say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, in this case it however it lies in the ears of the listener. Because believe it or not, one does indeed need extraordinary talent to be able to make the choicest of abuses sound like music to one’s ears. Think no one agrees with that assessment? Wait till you listen to this stand-up comedian.

Also, when it’s the language Delhi people use, a Bombay/Mumbai mention is inevitable. That is exactly what Vikramjit Singh played on in his act at the ‘Canvas Laugh Club’. Known for having brought several talented stand-up comedians to the fore, this work from the Club’s collection is an absolute jewel. Singh starts off with how Delhi is where Mughals, poets and none other than Mirza Ghalib set base and it is only the language that had changed while the feelings remain the same. Agreed?

Having started off on that honest and hilarious a note, his act only goes uphill while he touches upon all the aspects of Delhi that make the city what it is. From a comparison between Delhi’s street brawls and those of Mumbai to how Delhiites behave in queues and how we match up to Bangalore in that context. Wait, queues? What are those? Delhi is too close for all that civic sense please.

The city is charming and awesome nonetheless and any of you out there who feels the same about Delhi will nod in agreement to Vikramjit’s act, or rather laugh in agreement. With nearly 2 lakh views so far, this is not your conventional slapstick comedy and that’s where the beauty of it lies. So, go ahead and give it a watch.