Watch: Think refugees do not belong with us? Let this moving poem tell you why you should not think so

Refugees are as human as the luckier ones who have not been thrown out of their homes.

We all have a place we consider home, but if ever asked what is home would you define it on the basis of a building you reside in, the country or the state? But wasn’t home supposed to be where the heart is? Yes, but somehow all of this changes when it is refugees we are talking about.

This latest video by Unerase Poetry shot in Khar’s Anti Social rakes up this topic and raises some very very pertinent questions. From the Kashmiri Pandits chucked out of their chinar bordered houses to the Syrian refugee crisis, the world faces a major threat to all its humanity given how we deal with refugees. Who tells us that a certain kind of people simply because they come from another country?

The touching poem is recited in both Hindi and English in a joint act by Ankita Shah and Ramneek Singh. The poem asks how we believe nobody can take away from us what we deserve and have written in our fates, but say refugees take away our land and our jobs and what not. Got an answer to that? If not, then on what basis do we treat refugees the way we do?

With over 54k views, ‘Go Back to Your Own Country’ is touching several chords at the same time. As unfair as it is to push people out of a place they consider home, we are no better if we refuse to let them set up base in our countries. And believe us when we say it, do wait for the last line. No, this is not an attempt to sell the whole poem to you but because the last few lines could wake the coldest of hearts.