Watch: Think patriarchy is not a privilege? Let this man's poem jolt you out of that

Patriarchy is the privilege that makes several men think having a penis is reason enough for them to be better at every thing.

Patriarchy and gender binaries have been instilled so deeply in our conditioning that at times we are unintentionally misogynistic. Trust me, a term like that will soon come into existence if it has not already. In all honesty, can you even count on your fingers the number of times you have assumed the car moving erratically in your lane must be steered by a woman?

This viral poem ‘The Privileges of a Penis’ which is a reply to ‘Brown Girl’s Guide to Gender’ has brought up the privileges men garner purely on the basis of their genitals. From the rape jokes we must ignore because ‘it’s just a joke’ to being called a ‘whore’ simply because that is the best substitute to duct tape when women overstep their borders and take a stand, are a result of this privilege.

Not that enough has not been spoken about this topic already but this poem, albeit laden with a few profanities in the later half, drives home a strong point. Patriarchy remains alive and breathing in a society that is on several counts fairly progressive, simply because it is a privilege several men would not give up and some women unwittingly promote. Ever noticed how it is never your father asking you to cover up when brothers get home but in fact mothers doing that? That’s the kind of privilege patriarchy serves on a silver platter to men.

With 280k views at the moment this video uploaded by ‘UnErase Poetry’ will jolt you out of your comfort zone and that’s where the charm lies.