Watch: Confused about what comes under work-place sexual harassment? This video explains

This short film by 'Bombay Diaries' tells us how one woman raising a voice is enough to bring down sexual harassment at workplaces.

How many of us have walked into office at some point of time in our lives and had some senior stare at our breasts? Is it too rare for us to stop wearing low-cut or even slightly revealing clothes to work because we get called into the boss’ cabin one too many times when we do? It’s called sexual harassment at the workplace, and it’s time we make it stop.

Unless and until you, as a woman who is a victim, raises her voice and brings down whosoever tries to use their position to exploit you sexually. This video by ‘Bombay Diaries’ starring Maanvi Gagaroo addresses exactly this issue and shows us how those who inflict such harassment only survive because nobody stands up against them. In the video all the boss needs to shut him up is for a woman to create a scene.

Another aspect this video highlights is that other employees become silent onlookers and lead to the issue becoming a lot worse. Every time a clerk sends across to the victim a message that the boss wants her in his cabin, he too helps the perverted man bring the woman down. How Gagaroo ties her hair up in a tight bun and admits having given up on sleeveless clothes, is an accurate assessment of how each of us tries to handle such harassment at the workplace.

So, the next time you face a similar issue, know that you can be harassed only as long as you refuse to stand up. Next time you see someone getting harassed or even face it yourself, stand up against it and do it as loudly as possible because if your boss or co-worker does not flinch from scanning your breasts in public, you too should not flinch from shaming him in public.