WATCH: The Stranger Things season 2 teaser is here & we can't wait for Halloween!

Things are getting pretty intense in the Stranger Things season 2 teaser and we can't wait for Halloween! Watch now.

We’re Winona-Ryder-at-SAG-awards excited for the second season of Stanger Things. The Season 2 teaser was unveiled at the Super Bowl and although it didn’t reveal much, it looks as creepy and promising as Season 1.
The first season revolved around the disappearance of Will, who is brought into another world by the Demogorgon.

Following the phenomenal success of the first series of the science-fiction horror show, the audience couldn’t wait for season 2.
Ever since we finished binge-watching the entire show, we’ve been left with all sorts of questions lingering in our mind and the first teaser trailer for the show’s second season, aired during the Super Bowl, has only created more question marks. We now have a release date: Halloween.

The world is turning upside down, the ad says, and by the looks of it we think things are going to get pretty intense. The video opened with an eighties styled eggo commercial and showed the trio of pre-teen protagonists riding around town on their bicycles while dressed in Ghostbusters (nostalgia much?) gear.
No sign of Eleven yet- the young psychokinetic girl who became season one’s breakout character before disappearing into the void with the show’s main monster, the Demogorgon, but we know she’ll be back. We just do.

The official ‘Stranger Things’ handle released it on Facebook:

Now all we gotta do is wait till October. Patiently.