Watch: Taapsee Pannu's here to tell you why self defence is not just a summer hobby

This Taapsee Pannu video asks a long-awaited question: how smart is it to not be equipped to hit back when you are attacked by a potential rapist?

What is the difference between a woman who gets molested on a bus and simply gets off feeling embarrassed unable to do anything and another woman who makes sure she displaces the molester’s jaw? Self-defence. Not throwing our limbs in the air level but proper self defence and Taapsee Pannu is here to tell you why it’s not a summer hobby.

Most of us Indian women know the risk we take by simply stepping out of the house or sometimes even being in the vicinity of a male member inside the house. We know well that there is no point pretending we do not get ogled at every time we simply show the world we exist and even more so if the clothes are ‘skimpier’. How, in such a situation, do we conveniently ignore the need for self-defence lessons? Who do we expect to be saved by when the potential rapist grabs hold of us from behind in that dark alley or the well-lit street?

It’s the complacency that this video by ‘Blush’ starring Taapsee Pannu is highlighting and indeed it’s high time someone did. Yes law enforcement needs to improve and yes the Police needs to be more pro-active in terms of helping women out of such situations. However, do we not try to avoid starting a fire even though we know the fire brigade exists., and if after all measures a fire does break out nobody sits around doing nothing about it. How then when it comes to crimes against women can we not hit back? Maybe because we are not equipped to.

From domestic violence to that one time the guy you passed by dared to pinch your ass, be sorry for not being trained enough to hit him back. Be sorry till the time you get your self-defence training and a serious one at that.