Watch: Superwoman is here to tell you why global warming happens and how you can stop it

We kid you not. Superwoman does know how you can save the world.

What do you think causes global warming? Trees getting cut down, pollution or the ecosystem getting damaged, you think? Nope, too mainstream. Superwoman, aka, Lilly Singh is here to tell you the real reason behind global warming.

It’s inappropriate behaviour, yes you heard that right and any one of you out there who follows her videos must know she’ll also prove it. The video begins with Superwoman’s signature line which goes, “where in the world is Superwoman today?”, and is answered with a “still not married” by her mother. You must have guessed that a video which starts on that hilarious a note only goes on to become a lot more hilarious in time.

With nearly one million views already, the video is already receiving a lot of love for it’s brilliant take on global warming. It’s Lilly’s parents, Manjeet and Paramjeet making us laugh in this one by the way, since Lilly herself is in Vancouver. Oh, and she isn’t just telling you why global warming happens but also how to make it stop. So, yes, this one’s worth a watch for more than one reason.

Without much ado now, let Superwoman’s versatility take over and by the end of it we hope you know global warming is all due to those people who’re getting hot and heavy.