Watch: Stephen Colbert, Bill Maher and Trevor Noah rip Donald Trump apart for '100 days of nothing'

As promised, President Donald Trump will make America great again. Probably.

Following the completion of one hundred days of Donald Trump in the Oval Office, America did not hesitate from looking back at everything the 70-year-old man had accomplished or what he didn’t accomplish rather. Comedians Bill Maher, Trevor Noah and Stephen Colbert were among the few many who mocked the United States President for not even attempting to make America great again.

“Saturday was the 100-day mark of Trump’s Presidency which means, he no longer has that new President smell. If I had to guess, I’d say he now smells like nepotism and steak sauce,” said Noah in his special 100-Day Milestone segment for The Daily Show.

US President Donald Trump delivers a statement about missile strikes on a Syrian airfield (Photo: Reuters/Carlos Barria)

(Photo: Reuters/Carlos Barria)

While Vice President Mike Pence mentioned that Trump changed after stepping into the White House, Noah seems to have a different outlook. Not only has the POTUS not changed, he even seemed to give the same speech from last year recently, as if it had been rehashed.

Just get on and build that dumb wall already! At least we wouldn’t have to hear about him planning to build it in every freaking speech.

You have got to hand it Americans though. They managed to live through 100 days under Trump’s tenure. And to see just how much credit they deserve, one has to listen to Bill Maher go on about all his “accomplishments” including, partnering with the private sector, getting his children jobs and “women and space exploration” (whatever that means).

Mocking Trump’s new VOICE hotline, which aims to curb immigrant crime, Colbert stated, “All Trump did was, take something that already existed, rebrand it, and make it seem a little more racist. Same thing he’s done with the Republican Party.” Thankfully, the hotline got majorly trolled with people calling to report space aliens.

To be perfectly honest, the thought of Trump being the US President sounds just as crazy today as it did when he first announced his candidature. As Colbert put it, “After this, we cannot bring him back to the store without a receipt. Slightly damaged goods.”

But, we can’t actually say that the man didn’t do anything. It’s not like he was absolutely useless. He did manage to get the more reasonable Americans to raise their voice (against him). People are now starting to push against the flow of the tide. It seems that he wasn’t joking when he said he wanted to “Make America Great Again” after all.