Watch: Sorabh Pant explains how Indian politics is basically 'the best TV show in India'

Leave it to Sorabh Pant to make Indian politics sound interesting.

Ever feel bored of reading the news about how one politician screwed over another? All you need is a change of perspective. You see, Indian politics can be interesting too. In fact, it is very much similar to those TV series that you all love you watch. Don’t believe us? Allow Indian comedian Sorabh Pant to explain just how they are similar.

Take the situation in the state of Tamil Nadu for instance. After former Chief Minister Jayalalithaa’s demise, the seat of power for the state of TN went to the then Deputy Chief Minister Ottakarathevar Panneerselvam. Sorabh found it interesting that the man has been the state CM three times, once for six months, then, for four and his final term lasted three months.

Sorabh mocks V. K. Sasikala’s sudden interest in the position of CM after Amma passed away. Speaking for Sasikala, Sorabh says, “I should be CM.” But why exactly? “Because I was her roommate.” Sorabh asks, “Is this an episode of Friends?” Describing her seemingly petty behaviour, Sorabh compares her to The Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon Cooper and says, “Bazinga! That’s my spot.”

There are several other references to how the state politics is similar to other shows such as Prison Break and House of Cards and it is simply a laugh riot. Watch the full video here: