Watch: Pakistan's KRK? This wannabe singer abusing Lata Mangeshkar is beyond ridiculous

Pakistan's self-proclaimed singer Nasir Khan Jan has openly challenged legendary singer Lata Mangeshkar with a ridiculous song

Remember Nasir Khan Jan, the over-enthusiastic vlogger from Pakistan who landed behind the bars for singing  Closer by Chainsmokers? We are still figuring out the reason. But he has done something which will leave Indian music lovers furious. He has challenged legendary playback singer Lata Mangeshkar.

Yes. You heard it right. Jan in his latest video has not only challenged the Bharat Ratna awardee singer, but also had the audacity to croon her popular song Lag Jaa Gale. His video has gained more than 2.30 lakh views on Facebook which is captioned,”An open challenge to LATA MANGEAHKAR by the Legend singer Nasir Khan Jan.” Can you believe it?

Jan not only termed Lata Mangeshkar as an old singer but claimed his voice was better than hers.  Worse than this, he not only screwed up the entire song with his hoarse voice but fumbles zillion times over lyrics. But you have to applaud him for his confidence. His video spread like wildfire and received quite many praises and cuss words to have mustered the courage to ‘challenge’ Lata Mangeshkar by ripping apart one of her favourite romantic numbers. Jan’s popularity can be gauged from the fact that his Facebook page is liked by more than 1.57 lakh users. His Closure song became so viral that he was arrested by the police. He expressed his displeasure on social media with a post,“Police Arrested me for no reason wtf…Why you not arrest criminals, and Crupt politicians? Thnks a lot to Zahreeli chummi page admin for my Bail. And thnks for my fans who protested for me,” he wrote on Facebook. Meanwhile, check out the popular Closure song by the self-proclaimed melody king.

If you thought this was enough, here is the Laila song crooned by the legendary singer Nasir Khan Jan.