Watch: Pakistani reporter asks men if they are lesbians and no he does not get beaten up

Some very scandalous and bizarre questions are coming your way, courtesy this Pakistani reporter.

Rarely would you see a reporter utter words like ‘lesbian’ and ‘masturbation’ when asking people questions and get away with it all in as suave a manner as possible. When this is a scene in Pakistan, this expectation goes down a lot more. One particular reporter, however, managed this feat and won the Internet while at it.

This guy, seemingly at a political gathering in Pakistan, went around asking people regular questions and bizarre ones all at the same time. He asked men things like ‘aap dono lesbian hai?’ and ‘RDX, ammunition aa gaya’, and no he did not get beaten up at any point in time. Still wondering how he pulled this off? Wait till you see the video and get your minds blown by his wit.

Uploaded on Facebook by a page called ‘Sarcasmistan V2’ the video has over 587k views since it was put up and on listening in carefully this seems to be from a gathering at Zulfikar Ali Bhutto’s death anniversary. He also asks people about masturbation and all of his questions the people answer with a nonchalant ‘yes’. While this reporter did risk it, seems lady luck shines on him way too brightly and nobody even figured what he was asking.

It’s safe to say that all those who go out with their mics to talk to people could take a lesson or two from this reporter with all the sass in the world. To top it, he ends it with a comment on the rising heat and carries the conversation on. Watch him for your daily dose of laughter or a little more than that.