Watch: Obama's vacation video with billionaire Richard Branson is what dreams are made of

Obama's video shows him kitesurfing and having the time of his life on this vacation.

By far America’s most popular ex-President Barack Obama is in news again and this time for his epic vacation with business tycoon Richard Branson. Pictures and videos of Obama and his wife on this vacation emerged and of course the internet is going gaga over it. And guess what? The ex-President tried his hands at kitesurfing while at this vacation on the British Virgin Islands. Talk about living it up!

While some on Twitter were all jealous of the fun Obama was having, others took digs at him for vacationing with a billionaire. Obama sure had no damns to give and was having the time of his life with Michelle. His co-vacationer Branson, the founder of Virgin Group, said in a blog post that he invited the Obamas to stay on Mosikto Island after the end of Obama’s second term as president. All of this because Obama had told Branson how he would not be able to surf and do a lot more such fun things for the next eight years as President. The billionaire business tycoon sure seems like the awesome friend we all need.

Branson and Obama can also be seen in a friendly competition while the ex-President learns to kitesurf. Here’s Twiteratti on Obama’s vacation for you.

Wanderlust, much?