Watch: Not too clear about what consent means? Animated penises and vaginas are here to tell you

Project Consent uses everyday situations to explain, since humans have proven they're not too sharp at understanding words such as 'consent'.

We’re all way too aware of the several kinds of violence women are subjected to. And, if there’s one thing almost all of this could be attributed to it is that most of us do not understand consent. The word has one of the simplest dictionary meanings, why do most of us still not get it though?

Project Consent, started off in 2014, attempts to make the definition of ‘consent’ further easier, since we humans are clearly a very daft bunch. Consent, when mentioned in the context of a woman’s sexuality becomes a lot more incomprehensible for most men for some strange reason. Either it is impossible to understand that asking for consent is a pre-requisite when it comes to the act of sex, or that once asked the answer makes no difference. Any which way, we remain terribly obtuse.

People consider shoving a burger down someone’s throat thoroughly rude and uncouth, but consent when it comes to sex is still an alien concept. This is exactly what Project Consent plays on in their attempt to drive the point home. Using common situations such as laughing, dancing and whistling, complete with a fun cast of animated penises, breasts, vaginas and a hand. If these videos do not help you understand consent, we do not know what will.

Their tagline says, ‘If it’s not a yes, it’s a no’. Yes, they’re keeping it simple there too. So give these three tiny videos a watch and let’s prove to the world that with our bodies evolving our brains did too. At least that they evolved enough to understand simple words.