Watch: Neha Dhupia is here with the list of things you should never, ever wear

Neha Dhupia in a very sassy avatar will give you more than one reason to not be what society wants you to be.

The ‘I have nothing to wear’ struggle is one we all go through every single morning, don’t we? Now, given how true that is won’t it be simply brilliant if someone could give us a list of the things we should never ever let inside our closet and should most definitely not wear? Neha Dhupia is here with that list and we guarantee, you’d be loving it.

In a new video released by ‘Blush’, the actress lists down six things each one of us and especially women need to stop wearing. And she isn’t talking about clothes or a typical wardrobe. A part of Blush’s new series ‘So Basically’, the video takes on several different kinds of pressure women are put under and how we are conditioned into believing we need to be what society needs us to be.

So far as clothes are concerned, simply go wear whatever you wish to. But when it comes to societal pressures and everybody’s nose being in the arena of a woman’s ‘fast-ticking biological clock’. the line must be drawn. The video has been over 2k views already and it’s barely been a day Blush released the Neha Dhupia -starrer.

Captioned, ‘So Basically, women are ambushed by social media, their neighbours, their families, their friends, their partners to be a ‘certain way’ because their clock is ticking in every department.The ‘get married because there are no men available clock’.The ‘get pregnant because you don’t want to be 50 when your child is 15 clock’.’ Known for their unabashed take on issues plaguing women at every level in society, this brand-new video of theirs is surely worth a watch.