Watch: Name a more iconic duo than meteorologist Bill Evans and his buddy Maximus Fuzz. We'll wait

When Maximus gate-crashed Bill Evans' weather report!

If there is one category of reporters you can always count on for fun videos of all sorts, it’s weather reporters from different parts of the world. A little more than a week back, Deedee Sun gave us a very sleepy and relatable weather report featuring her massive yawn, and now ABC7NY’s weatherman Bill Evans’ clip from long back has gone viral.

In a shot where Evans starts off with ‘I was supposed to have a special guest’, he does indeed have a guest and a very unexpected one at that. Maximus peeks out assuming he is the guest and lets out a small bark before taking back his hiding spot probably after Evans’ glare at him. The doggo does not give up though, not until he gets his treat on live television.

Those back at the studio can be seen having a hearty laugh and also demand their kiss be passed onto fluffy Maximus. Put up by ABC7NY on their Facebook page, the post is titled “A SIGHTING ON THE UPPER WEST SIDE! Oh, wait….that’s not a coyote…never mind..”. It boasts 727k views at present and we’re sure one cannot keep themselves from watching this adorable clip twice over.

People in the comments section, for obvious reasons, credit Maximus and Bill with having made their morning and their day. Have you ever seen a better weather report that’s cuter than this one? Maximus sure has our heart, if only we too could find a way to get our kisses and hugs across to him.

But this isn’t Maximus Fuzz’s first television appearance. Looks like Bill and Max have quite a partnership going here.

Go ahead. Name a more iconic duo than this. Yes, we’ll wait.