WATCH: Motorcyclist escapes a miraculous save from fire upon accident

In a shocking incident, a motorcyclist crashes into a moving truck and immediately catches violent fire.

In a shocking accident that took place on May 6 in Nanchang, China, the biker, reportedly named Chen, crashed with a moving truck, which immediately caught fire. He was suddenly engulfed by fire but miraculously managed to save himself from any major injuries. The clip was shared by China Central Television (CCTV) on their Facebook page with the caption, “A motorcyclist crashed into a truck, instantly setting both vehicles ablaze at a junction in Nanchang, Jiangxi. The truck driver quickly jumped out from passenger’s side and pulled the motorcyclist, who also caught fire, to safety with help from others. No one was hurt. #BestofCCTV

The video was posted on May 11 and has so far garnered 863k views. People from all over the world have expressed their disbelief on seeing the motorcyclist safe from the violent fire. One of the commenters said, “I guess there was the first time the motorcyclist ride a sports bike: when he had to stop, he didn’t put his leg on the brakes pedal. Maybe he thought the clutch was handbrakes then handled it strongly. By the way, luckily they were saved.” Others expressed their amazement and thanked god for his safety. “Thank God.. Give some gift to Driver… God blesses & cares on all of us.. God bless China..,” said a Facebook user.

Watch the video here: