Watch: Monica Lewinsky's anti-bullying PSA shows you exactly how to deal with trolls

Cyberbullying and online hate is real, this public service advertisement on behavior has just the right way of making this evident

With the age of social media we also ushered in the age of trolls. The Internet is responsible for quite a lot of damage it has done to young minds. Cyber-bullying has made so many lives miserable. It has led young teenagers and even pre-teens to depression or worse, to commit suicide. It has reduced the self-esteem of children, made them feel insecure and vulnerable. This social experiment by Monica Lewinsky has announced a new campaign that encourages people to take action when they see online bullying. The social activist against anti-bullying has gathered a fantastic concept of a hidden camera set-up where actors pretend to say horrible things in public spaces. The idea was to bring out the ugly side of online trolling and gauge how people react to it. While some people did step in with chivalry, others pretended not to see anything and merely walked by. This is a smart approach to hold up a mirror to the society’s Islamophobic, homophobic and intolerant behavior which are otherwise not acceptable in our day–today-lives but which masquerade with pride in the form of anonymous trolls online.

You can take a look at the video here:

And Twitter was quite appreciative of the content of the social experiment:

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The video ends on a very poignant question that we must ask ourselves: If such behavior is not acceptable in real life, how come we allow it on the Internet?

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