Watch: Let this young lady tell you how misogyny and patriarchy seep into every layer of society

In less than two minutes, this video will tell you how misogyny is all around and is fed by each of us.

None of us are alien to what patriarchy and misogyny have done to our society and how these two are to thank for the skewed idea of women that we have. So much so that some people might have left this article already, assuming how we are out to bash men and demand they do not exist. We assure you, this is none of all that and if you are still reading this message might change the way you think forever.

In a video posted by ‘The Ideal Indian’ on Facebook, a young lady is up on stage to point out to us the ample hypocrisy we exercise in our view of women, their bodies and their existence in general. How every time a ‘brutal rape’ happens we put all our potential Nirbhayas inside the house and keep them locked in, because stepping out would mean men would see them as another chance to rape. Never does it strike us to maybe lock the men inside since they are the ones raping.

With her ‘vaginas only meant to be fucked, breasts only meant to be sucked, mouths only meant to blow’, this lady throws a powerful message across the room and that’s evident in the 253k views this has received since it was put up. From men never being told about menstruation to how women’s clothes are judged at every step, this strong message covers it all.

We suggest you give this video a watch and let it change the way you perceive women in barely two minutes.