Watch: Let these sassy men tell you why you should support gay marriage

Not that you'd ever have any logical reason to not support gay marriage, anyway.

Are you one of those who aren’t yet convinced about gay marriage not being a big deal, or believe India’s Section 377 absolutely deserves it’s place in the country’s law? Well, here’s a video to give you a very strong reason as to why you should be nothing but pro-gay marriage. Not that one anyway has several reasons to be against it, though.

‘CollegeHumor’ put up a video on Facebook titled ‘Gay Guys Will Marry Your Girlfriends’ and believe us when we say it, they’ve made their point extremely well. After all, do you think you can find a man who’d be willing to visit that art exhibition this weekend? Or, any who know the difference between hummus and baba ganoush? We bet you’d have a hard time finding such men, hence gay men shall always rise to the occasion.

If in case you feel logic is lacking somewhere in the video or that they are generalizing a bit too much, please do remember this is not meant to be taken that seriously and is for humour purposes. Also, being anti-gay marriage isn’t a stance that reeks of logic either. Just saying. What two people choose to do in their personal lives is honestly none of anybody else’s business, but for those who might think it is this video is a must watch.

Uploaded less than a week back, the video already boasts of 15 million views and by the end of one view you’ll know it deserves it. So, watch it and allow it to give reasons enough to be pro-gay marriage, and all this while you’re laughing quite hard.