Watch: Kriti Sanon's 'Happy Whatever' is the Women's Day reality we all need to face

Kriti Sanon's video is here to slam all our pretentious Women's Day celebrations and you will love her for it.

It’s International Women’s Day today. Again. Just like it was last year and will be next year. We celebrate Women’s Day every year, but do we celebrate our women yet? This video starring Kriti Sanon is talking about how flimsy it is of us to celebrate this as just another day, and she drives this message home by not celebrating it.

Not that there is anything wrong with dedicating one day in the year to women around the world, but is that enough? Is it enough to preach women’s rights, girl power and equality on this one day and then ensure women get none of this on all other days of the year? The video makes use of placards and starts off with a very excited expression on Sanon’s face for Women’s Day. Reality hits home and hits hard with the next to next placard.

Talking about how this is just so pretentious of us to make the women in our lives feel like they are the world to us on one day and treat them like absolute crap on all other days. Come to think of it, we still live in a world where women are ousted from society for getting raped and shamed for ‘calling for it’. Little girls are married off to older men before they hit puberty and we have all heard the spine-chilling horror unleashed upon them soon after. Girls are denied education and nutrition and burnt alive by families for not keeping up tp their dowry demands. When rejected by a woman, a man could do a variety of things from stabbing her to disfiguring her for life with an acid attack. International Women’s Day, really now?

This Kriti Sanon video, uploaded to Facebook by ‘Ms. Taken’ is brave enough to dismiss today as ‘Happy Whatever’ and sums up what has been inside all of our heads throughout all the pretentious celebrations today. Celebrate Women’s Day if you will, but before that celebrate the women around you and thank them for the life you have been given. Quite literally.