Watch: King Cobra sipping water from rescue worker's bottle is the most incredible thing you will see today

That's one very, very thirsty King Cobra.

The King Cobra is said to be the longest venomous snake in this whole wide world and is known to be one of the most poisonous beings on this planet. Most of us humans would not even dream of going anywhere around it, but rescue workers have not much of an option when it comes to wildlife conservation. All said and done though, would you ever imagine a king cobra sipping water from a bottle pretty much like any of us non-poisonous humans?

The species is known to avoid any confrontation with human beings at most points in time and when accidentally confronted usually tries to escape, but the mention of it is enough to scare the living lights out of most of us. So, when this thirsty King Cobra made its way to Kaiga village in Karnataka, probably in search of water, rescue workers did not know they were going to witness something this spectacular.

Karnataka has been badly hit by drought and major scarcity of water might have provoked the reptile to go where it thought it could quench it’s thirst. In the video a rescue worker can be seen holding the snake by it’s tail to prevent it from attacking and another takes a bottle of water to pour some on the snake’s risen head in order to cool it down. After this when the bottle is held close to the snake’s mouth, it drinks calmly.

Given a King Cobra’s usual aversion to humans, this video is proof to the horribly parched place that Karnakata is due to the drought. Do not believe us? Watch the video.