Watch: King Cobra curls up inside refrigerator in Telangana, obviously freaks people out

This King Cobra just proved how we are all the same when it comes to beating the heat.

Summers are here and we all know how most parts of India don’t have it easy with the heatwave hitting us each year. Southern India has hit temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius already and seems like it isn’t just us humans who are wishing we lived on a cooler planet at the moment.

A King Cobra in Telangana took refuge inside a fridge to beat the heat, and we are not kidding about this. Of course nobody knows how it got inside the refrigerator without anyone noticing. But a little girl opened the fridge to get herself some cold water and was served cold feet instead, what with the highly venomous snake sitting curled up inside.

All this unfolded in Sircilla town’s Sanjeevaiah Nagar area and people soon gathered in huge numbers to see the sight. A snake-catcher was soon called in to get the reptile out of the fridge. Footage captured by ETV Telangana shows the slithery guest isn’t too pleased at being sent to another place from the cool abode it had chosen, but well humans and snakes cannot co-exist to that extent. Sorry about that, King Cobra.

This follows close on the heels of another King Cobra which had wandered off into a village and proceeded to drink water from a bottle like fellow humans. Makes us wonder though that is it getting way too hot for King Cobras in Southern India or are they simply loving the idea of freaking the daylights out of us humans? We’ll never know.