Watch: Is it okay to laugh at death? Let these terminally-ill patients show you how that's done

For a generation that looks at suicide as a solution, these terminally-ill patients who dare to laugh at death are an inspiration.

Laughter is the best medicine. That’s an age-old adage we have grown up hearing and believing in. Ever imagined this medicine could also cure the fear of death? The age-old adage combined with some out of the box thinking has done exactly this for a few terminally-ill patients and is telling us it is perfectly alright to laugh at death.

The ‘Laugh at Death’ initiative by Indian Association of Palliative Care has brought together some terminally-ill patients in stand-up comedy to show us how death can be laughed at. Seeing these patients who are the closest it gets to death laugh it out and make others laugh with their stand-up, will make you forget whatever woes you think you might have.

At a time when suicide rates are on the rise and several people think it is completely alright to end their life because of a particular situation they find themselves in, these patients are an inspiration. Living it up till the very last breath, these people are in end-of-life care and if even they do not serve as enough inspiration to never give up on life, we do not know what will.

One of them jokes when the audience gets teary-eyed and says to them, ‘Aap kyun udaas ho rahe ho? Aapko toh khaansi bhi nahin hai aur mujhe toh lung cancer hai.’ Now, that’s the spirit we all need to learn from. The video has received over 2.8 lakhs views on YouTube and goes with the caption, ‘Death: A topic that makes you cry your heart out will now make you laugh your guts out.’

Trained by the best stand-up comedians in India, each of these people who are learning to laugh at death, will make you smile and cry at the same time. Without much ado, give the video a watch.