Watch: Is 'gormint aunty' back? This viral video has the internet divided

Gormint aunty or not, this is sure one sassy aunty.

Remember ‘gormint aunty’ and her ‘bik gayi hai gormint’ rant against the government in Pakistan which became such a rage online? But of course you do. For if there was one person who ruled the memes in 2016, it was definitely her. Another video claiming to feature ‘gormint aunty’ has emerged, and has yet again gone viral, thanks to the lady’s formidable no-filter reputation. Even though the page which has shared the video claims it is the same woman, some people are not convinced. If this is indeed gormint aunty, she seems to have misplaced her glasses and lost quite a bit of weight.

The video in question featuring a ranting lady who seems to have gotten into a fight with another man in her neighbourhood, follows the similar trajectory as the previous viral video. The lady begins with lamenting how she’s lost all her good luck and her comfortable lifestyle after her father’s death. She complains about how her father never referred to her as ‘oye’, a word that’s seen as an abuse where she comes from. Nobody knows where she came from, though.

When asked about why she is abusing now, she retorts with ‘jaisa desh, waisa bhesh’ which is basically the equivalent of when in Rome do as the Romans do. To put things in perspective, she’s abusing just because ‘yeh saare mil kar humko bewakoof banaa rahe hai’. Shared by a Facebook page @schoolsclosedya, the video has received 202k views, even though people cannot yet make up their minds about the identity of this aunty.

Look at the speculations people have made about the video.

Do you think this sassy aunty is indeed the ‘gormint aunty’? Do tell us.