Watch: Indian Army welcomed by non-stop applause at IGI Airport. Think Modi's appeal worked?

Tweeted out by Gaurav Arya, this video is how we should always treat the Indian Army.

A sight of officers from our armed forces and trucks full of Indian Army and BSF men have often caught our fancy and made us turn around to look at them. Seems like a similar fan moment took over IGI Airport and love for the Indian Army spoke out real loud in this video.

When officers of the Indian Army walked into the airport upon return from one of their UN missions yesterday at 3 am, and what happened next will leave you spellbound. The second they were spotted, staff and passengers began clapping and kept at it till they disappeared out of sight, leaving the officers elated. Modi had recently requested the country to make an effort to develop a tradition wherein we show respect to our defence forces, and this video comes soon after.

Major Gurav Arya tweeted this video out from his account and in no time it awoke several citizens’ patriotism. Captioned, “0300 hrs, Indira Gandhi International Airport, crowds break into spontaneous applause when they see #IndianArmy soldiers. The day has come”, the video managed to get itself over 8k retweets.


Virender Sehwag soon applauded the video on Twitter.

While we cannot be sure if Modi’s words pushed all this patriotism into people or not, but this tradition of respect that has been started towards armed forces is worth applause. Kudos to the men and women who protect our borders and martyr themselves in war for the sake of the country.