Watch: In shocking viral video, medics dance around and mock patient before surgery

The medics belong to a clinic in Colombia. Didn't this just make surgery a lot scarier, though?

Doctors are put right after God in terms of saving lives and we all know how several among them indeed keep up to the ethics of the noble profession that they are in. While we hold them in such high esteem, seems like some medics themselves did not quite consider this before dancing around a patient while he or she was in surgery. What has the world come to, really?

This is no ordinary dancing around though, not that any kind of dacning in an operation theatre with a patient on the table is acceptable. The medics in this video of a Colombia hospital seem to be making fun of the patient and laughing while the patient is unconscious. Reports say this took place at Santa Cruz de Bocagrande clinic in Bolivar in Columbia.

The video which is going viral has faced severe backlash from people everywhere and the medics have been fired because they broke ‘all health protocols’. Surgery is not something anyone enters into willingly and only one those of us who have ever been on the operation table can guess how frightening the though of it is.

A patient is helpless when lying on the operation table and is completely at the mercy of the doctors. Considering all of this, this video might just give all of us jitters if we ever need to get into an operation theatre.