Watch: In need of cheering up? This ad about adoption and sibling love will make you happy-cry

Nestle's new ad is beautifully bringing up the long-awaited conversation around adoption.

Brands usually stick to advertisements that promote their product and concentrate on convincing customers to choose them. But every once in a while we come across an ad that does a lot more than just selling a product, touches each one of us and drives our focus to a topic that deserves it.

This ad revolving around adoption and what exactly goes down in a family after it, is equal parts brilliant and moving. It follows the trajectory of an adoption into a family which already has a little boy. We all know how sharing our parents with siblings who come in after us felt and we also know how eventually that sharing became the best thing to ever have happened to us. Things are no different when it is an adoption, and that is exactly what this commercial drives home.

Also in India, we still look at adoption as an option for only those who are unable to have kids of their own and this commercial very smoothly breaks that stereotype. Adoption brings with it such an absurd taboo that most of us do not even know where to begin addressing it from. The whole tale around how only those born out of one’s womb are one’s own kids only makes it way more difficult to make people process and consider adoption. With this ad Nestle not only shows how an adopted kid is as much one’s own as any other, but also brings in a kid from a different community than the one her family belongs to.

Nestle tells us how food is the most likely mode of transport that goodness uses and most of us would agree to how that is indeed true. You won’t have to stress much to figure out how food has resolved fights and healed hearts a lot faster than anything else. So, let food spread happiness and allow Nestle to tell you why adoption is a brilliant decision to take.