Watch: IIT-Roorkee boys dancing to Ed Sheeran's 'Shape of You' will have you tapping your feet

Ed Sheeran would be proud of these four IIT-Roorke boys if he ever happens to see them dance!

‘Shape of You’ has feet tapping music and even those among us who are blessed with two or several left feet must have tried our hands at dancing to this Ed Sheeran number. So have these IIT-Roorkee boys. Difference being they have done a brilliant job at it and have made a proper music video out of their performance.

With awesome creativity and brilliant dance moves, these four boys from IIT-Roorkee have given their video a concept as well. For all those who thought students at IIT bury their heads in books and do nothing else, this is worth a watch. Well practiced and flawlessly coordinated these boys have tapped their feet to the number like pros. From smooth movements to costumes these boys have it all and are going viral for all the right reasons. One look at the video and it will have you hooked. Just look at their moves here.

And here.

This one here is one of the best steps, choosing is fairly difficult though.

Here is a better look at the four IIT-Roorkee boys. They’ve made themselves a concept video so how could you expect they would not somehow weave in an introduction within their choreography, right? That too they do in their signature hip-hop style with a Michael-Jackson hat on.

The Ed Sheeran topped charts for quite a while and these boys have brought it back into news with all their groovy dance moves. They even roped a few girls in to keep true to their concept you see. Allow them to inspire you to take to the dance floor now!