Watch: If gender has nothing to do with profession, why must 'female CEO' be a term?

This video by 'Blush' points out how ridiculous it is to prefix one's professional identity with gender and it's high time we stop.

Ever wondered why we find it so compulsory to mention the female CEO or lady cab driver’s gender when all we are doing is mentioning their profession? How come we never speak of men the same way and call them male boss or maybe male bodybuilder? It’s understandable how none of us have ever put much thought into this, but fair is something it is not.

This video by ‘Blush’ raises this often ignored issue and tells us why not just gender stereotypes but even gender segregation when it comes to jobs can be detrimental. A driver is a driver and a police officer is a police officer irrespective of whether it’s a man or awoman doing the job. Hence, it makes absolutely no sense to prefix one’s professional achievement with a ‘male’ or ‘female’.

This ‘Kaam Se Matlab Rakh’ campaign kicked off by ‘Blush’ deserves applause for having brought up how ridiculous it often is to think we cannot get away with not putting ‘female’ bang before the skateboarder. From headlines to name plates, everyone is conditioned into believing mentioning ‘female’ or ‘woman’ is imperative.

‘Blush’ put this video up on Facebook with the caption:

Gender prefixing to vocations, seems to be a habit only when women do those jobs: ‘Women CEO’, ‘Lady Doctor’, ‘Female Bodybuilder’ etc.
#KaamSeMatlabRakh questions this prefix through a campaign that features professionals who have gone beyond their gender to make a name for themselves in their respective careers.”

To set to rest any doubts you might have about what’s being said, watch this fun video.