Watch: This ad discussing patriarchal workplace politics is the only thing you need to see today

High time we stop looking at a woman's success with the kind of scrutinizing view we hold and give her the pat on her back she deserves.

When a woman gets promoted to a commendable position early in her career, what would you usually attribute it to? Don’t all our minds or at least a corner of our mind wander off to the possibility of her sleeping around with the boss and ‘spending time’ with him? We take it for granted that there is no way a woman could just be extraordinarily capable and hardworking and hence is where she is in her workplace. Known for their strong take on successful women, Titan Raga is back with another ad to jolt you out of that assumption-ridden notion you are plagued with.

With their protagonist named Kiran, this ad has you in for a pleasant surprise about how she climbed the ladder to success in her workplace. Aside of their main message, they also have a woman on the board where promotions get discussed, something we still do not see happening very often. After all, how can we innately patriarchal Indians not take it to heart when a woman decides whether or not we are good enough. You know how women are emotional beings not fit for higher positions and take decisions based on what they feel instead of what is practical and so on and so forth.

This ad challenges various stereotypes at once with their hashtag ‘Break the Bias’, and asks us to ‘change the way we look at a woman’s success’. All in all, it indeed is high time we stop scrutinizing how Kiran became Rajat’s recommendation for a promotion. This International Women’s Day, let Titan Raga tell you what we have all always known but never accepted: that the best man shall win, even if the best man is a woman.