Watch: Grandpa setting the sidewalk on fire with his dance moves will cure your Monday blues

Grandpa is all sorts of inspiration rolled into one person and we just cannot get over him.

Think dancing on the sidewalk and pulling off hipster moves as smoothly as possible is something only the younger lot can pull off? Well, this grandpa is here to change your views on that with his moves and confidence. In a video uploaded by ‘9GAG Sports and Fitness’ on Facebook, this grandpa pulls off dance moves as well as his younger counterpart, if not better and the crowd seems to be absolutely taken in. Those watching couldn’t have possibly had an inkling that he could pulls off modern dance with the ease with which he did. We’ve no idea what the secret to his fitness is, but we’re sure curious.

Titled “when Grandpa shuffles better than you do”, the video has garnered itself 3.4 million views since it was uploaded. People in the comments section have made it clear that they too wish to be as fit as grandpa at his age. Given how the younger generation these days has zero stamina and barely cares about health, there’s doubt how many of us would even make it to old age, honestly.

If we do, however, we’d like to be full of life and dancing on a sidewalk with someone one-third our age. Grandpa is nothing short of life goals. So, watch him and get inspired.