Watch: From champis to Tupperware, this stand-up comedian tells you why Indian moms are the real deal

Varun Thakur is totally in line with the force to be reckoned with that Indian moms are.

Where would the world be if there were no mothers? The world would have long perished. Mothers are everywhere and it’s from them that all our stories begin. Their love is selfless and unconditional and with Indian moms the love probably goes up manifold and gets expressed with food and slobbering the kids with kisses and chappals alike.

Stand-up comedian Varun Thakur takes on the enigma that Indian moms are and presents a hilarious take on all their quirks right from dry fruits to blaming our sleep cycle for every calamity. Remember the last time you broke a glass and your mom took that up as an excuse to bring out all the dead bodies in your closet, the same one thats very messy? That too finds a mention in this stand up.

When its a discussion about Indian moms, their Tupperware is the one honourable mention you dare not miss. Varun Thakur sure knows he would get a thrashing if he went home without mentioning his mother’s love for dabbas, and don’t we all relate to it?

If you have ever been given a full fledged science lesson because you refused to eat any thing under the sun that your Maa offered you, this stand-up comedian knows how it feels. He will also remind you of all the forced champis and how you were scared to death upon knowing that skipping all that hair oil would make you go bald.

This video uploaded to YouTube by SnG Comedy will make you laugh out loud and maybe even miss your mother a bit if you live away from her. If you live with her though, this should serve as a nice reminder to not lose the Tupperware she gave you food in. Does not mean you can skip lunch though!