Watch: For some weird reason this video of a fruit seller has 7.7 lakh views on YouTube

Parents stuck with kids least interested in fruits, take lessons.

Remember how back when we were kids parents did all they could to get us interested in fruits and one of their favourite ways was to cut them into interesting shapes? This fruit seller breaking the internet seems to have a similar agenda. Only, he also has grown-ups taken in.

He peels off green apples and cuts them into interesting spirals all in a matter of seconds. He makes the fruit look all the more intriguing and will tingle your taste buds simply by peeling them in such an interesting manner. The 47-seconds long video has the internet going gaga over it and has accumulated over 7.7. lakh views and counting.

The fruit seller uses a special device which not only peels the apples but also brings out the core and the seeds without cutting it into slices. While watching him work his magic onto the green apples in the video, you might even find yourself thinking why so many people are watching this right now. No one can even line out why this video is intriguing as it is just a device doing its work, but its sure an interesting way to sell fruits.

People have made it to trending videos for weirder reasons, then why can’t this man for selling green apples in an interesting manner, right?