Watch: For all music lovers out there, here's a bit of Haryanvi rock

Love them or hate them, this Haryanvi rock band is here to prove there's nothing that Indians cannot do. Absolutely nothing.

What comes to your mind when you hear of rock music? Pink Floyd or The Eagles or maybe Chop Suey for the ones who enjoy more of the metal variety, right? Well, it’s time to move over since we’ve got a desi option here for you.

And, they’ve got a super-talented guitarist by the way. In a video uploaded by Truly Desi Videos on Facebook, the band named Eternal Bliss sings ‘Rockini’, a number which seems to be a massive hit with the crowd. Not just the crowd, several of those in the Facebook comments section too love the band’s work and have applauded them for giving rock a desi twist without actually messing with the spirit of the genre. The video’s got 2.7 millions views, after all.

What starts off with describing an absolutely useless youth’s life soon turns into a bit of an inspirational song talking about brain-drain in a way that nobody can miss the mention. Patriotism creeps in while music plays in the background but the rock song goes back to being it’s fun self soon enough. Considering the fact that these guys barely had any of the electro music creating machinery to their disposal, the impact is unexpectedly good and the crowd’s reaction will tell you how everyone is indeed having fun.

Rock music has always been a way of speaking about things that disturb society in any way and with their whole brain-drain innuendo, these guys could just have made it into the genre. So, for your own session of desi rock music, give these guys a listen.

Also, on that note (yes, pun intended) here is some Gujarati rap that several people seem to have absolutely loved.

India’s Got Talent. Koi shak?