Watch: Ever wondered what Modi would say if Congress offered him a chance? Let this old video answer you

This old video features Narendra Modi, Jairam Ramesh and Vir Sanghvi. Do you need more reasons to watch it?

Whether or not Modi is an able and efficient Prime Minister is and will always be a topic of debate, but what one can barely disagree with is he does find some or the other way to be in news every single day. After having met his mother and tweeting about missing yoga, the PM is now in news for an old video of Jairam Ramesh asking him to join Congress.

In this old video that’s now going viral, Modi is in conversation with Jairam Ramesh and Vir Sanghvi on a talk show and is asked about the Congress’ strategy at the time. He is quick to tell that the Congress is not lying when they say they will not try to topple the government because they are too busy trying to put the Third Front out of existence and win their votes back.

Being the spontaneous man that Jairam Ramesh is he makes it clear to Modi that if he ever changes his mind the Congress shall welcome him. Modi laughs it off with a retort saying that he belongs to the Sangh parivar and such a suggestion will subject Ramesh to a lot of controversial questions.

While Modi is busy launching events and giving speeches, this video has made him news for reasons best known to the Internet.