Watch: Elephants rescued from mud crater in Cambodia help each other out in heartwarming video

We humans, who excel at apathy, could learn a thing or two from these elephants.

We live in times of apathy and are well aware of how human beings often refuse to help fellow human beings. Animals, though, are far better in this regard. So, when these eleven elephants were stuck in a muddy bomb crater and repeated attempts to help each other out failed, what happened next shows humanity is not yet completely dead.

The incident took place in Keo Seima Wildlife Sanctuary in Mondulkiri Province, Cambodia and took place when these eleven elephants along with a baby entered the muddy crater to drink water and bathe. The walls of the crater were 10-feet high since it was created by a bomb dropped during the Vietnam War and prove to be too high for the elephants.

The locals spotted these animals struggling to get out of the crater even though by then they were almost submerged. They immediately contacted the Wildlife Conservation Society seeking their help in the situation. The locals’ presence of mind paid off and members of the society created a ramp to help the elephants climb out.

The video has over 20k views and has been shared on Wildlife Conservation Society’s Facebook page on March 29. The otherwise intelligent mammals can be seen very very relieved on being able to make their way out of the muddy crater. Watch the heartwarming footage here and in how the elephants help each other out we humans have a massive lesson for us.