Watch: Do fairness creams have any place in a brown-skinned country like ours? Let 'Voice of Ram' tell you

In all fairness, yes pun intended, the world lies naked under the sun for hours together trying to get a complexion like ours.

The majority of our country’s population is blessed with a skin tone that half the world is trying to achieve by laying naked under the sun for hours. Isn’t it surprising then, that we as a nation are obsessed with fairness creams and are easily the only people in the world who are not absolutely in love with our wheatish to dusky skin tones?

Any of us who has grown up in India and happens to be of any complexion that is a little far away from fair, is their family’s shame and has been rubbed sore with all kinds of home remedies and creams. On that note, bringing to you a long-pending rant on how it’s high-time fairness creams leave this country for good is Ram Subramanian from ‘The Voice of Ram’. Yes, the same guy who became famous after Gurmehar Kaur’s Indo-Pak peace video.

Starting off with how being a South Indian coming from a middle-class background, a tube of ‘Fair and Lovely’ was shared by the whole family, it goes on to tell us how such creams have succesfully taken away self-confidence from several people. Now, we must all know of several people among our friends and family whose bags and cupboards still house this cream and various other variations of it.

Ram Subramanian asking ‘Fair and Lovely’ to go away is each one of us, no matter what complexion. Hankering people repeatedly over the colour of our skin and letting it define their beauty and quality only shows how shallow we are as human beings. So, watch this video let us know what you think of it.