Watch: Comedian Abijit Ganguly takes on Kapil Sharma fans for trolling him post the plagiarism row

Kapil Sharma fans brutally trolled Abijit Ganguly, watch how he decided to take them on.

Clearly, the stars do not seem bright for Kapil Sharma. After his spat with Sunil Grover, recently a stand-up comedian, Abijit Ganguly accused Kapil Sharma and his team of stealing his jokes. Kiku Sharda, one of the performers on the show, came forward to clarify that they have a huge team of writers, who ‘might have had the same idea but they do not copy jokes’. #LulWut

Earlier, Abijit Ganguly shared a post on his Facebook page accusing Kiku Sharda of lifting one of his jokes as it is, he got brutally trolled by Kapil Sharma fans and was told that he is doing this for publicity.

Abijit decided to take on this in a humorous way and has posted a video on YouTube titled ‘Sleepless Nights with Kapil’ describing his experience with Kapil Sharma fans on social media. He shares how he was abused and how much hatred he received from Kapil Sharma’s fans after the news of his plagiarism accusation spread like wild fire in media. Some of the fans tweeted in return, asking Abijit who even watches his show, in what can be called as a witty response, he ends his show saying ‘may be the writers of The Kapil Sharma show’.
Watch the video: