Watch: Best acceptance speech ever? When Malala Yousufzai made Justin Trudeau blush

Malala Yousufzai had Justin Trudeau and other guests in splits with her witty speech and we suggest you do not miss it.

Malala Yousufzai needs no introduction. She is one of the rare young women who have gone on to literally put their head at stake for the sake of education for girls. We all know how what she is fighting for could easily be the one weapon that would change the world and Canada decided to honour her valour with an Honorary Citizenship.

Just in case you forgot Canada has Justin Trudeau as Prime Minister, though chances of anyone forgetting that is next to nil. Malala showed off her witty side and had Trudeau, his wife and other guests in splits in this video put up by Huffington Post. The Nobel prize winning young activist spoke of how all her friends and relatives were a lot more interested in how Trudeau looks in real life and asked her to notice in order to be able to tell them. Malala went  on to tell us how her folks are as interested in Trudeau’s tattoos and his charm as most of us drooling over him are.

She is hilarious when she follows this up with how nobody probably cared for her Honorary Citizenship as much as they were interested in her meeting Trudeau. She does not forget her roots and wins a lot more respect when she is quick to say how she will always be a proud Pashtoon and a citizen of Pakistan.

We all knew Malala was brave and the wind of change girls in Pakistan look up to. After all, she did take a bullet for the cause of girls’ education in her country, very very literally. Watch her hilarious and lovely speech for some inspiration.